Kevin Dangleben on Tourism and Investment in Dominica and the Kalinago Carib Territory

Keven Dangleben shares his wisdom on tourism and investment in Dominica and the Carib / Kalinago Territory specifically.

About Kevin:

Kevin Dangleben is a native of Dominica. From an early age of 10, lived Kalinago Territory.

Mr. Dangleben worked for a few years as a Secondary School teacher.

In 2006 Mr. Dangleben left the teaching service and opted for the position of manager of the Kalinago Barana Aute, a heritage facility in the Kalinago Territory where he served until December 2015 under the Dominica Ministry of Tourism.

Given his passion for self-empowerment and the dire need to create more sustainable socio-economic opportunities for the residents of the Kalinago Territory in Dominica, Mr. Dangleben has devoted his time and talent to the development of his own tour operating entity named Kalinago Tours.


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